Cable gates are a relatively new concept on the market often referred to as either a “chain gate” or a “drop gate” they are a safe alternative to traditional boom gates for when the environment doesn’t allow for traditional method of traffic control or vandalism is a serious concern.

Cable gates are a superior option when being installed inside a car park, Due to the fact that the cable gates don’t require large amounts of room above where as a boom gate requires at least the length of the boom above to function safely and correctly.  

Fast and convenient to operate

The cable gate can span up to 8 metres long and can fully open within 0.5 seconds and will allow access and egress for authorised vehicles before closing within 7 seconds. 

Access and egress

The cable gate can be operated from a distance through the following methods:

  • Radio operated remote key fob
  • Proximity card
  • Magnetic swipe card
  • Electronic keypad
  • Intercom
  • In-ground vehicle detection loop  


The Cable Gate is operated by rechargeable batteries. Power is supplied to the batteries via a low voltage plug pack connected to a mains power outlet or a solar panel. The batteries will continue to supply sufficient power to the Cable Gate to operate in the event of a mains power failure.

The gates are also programmed to prevent the gates from rising until the opening is clear.

An 8mm thick stainless steel cable is securely locked between two 820mm high, zinc plated (marine grade rust-proofed), powder coated, steel posts to guard against forced entry or exit.